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The New Silk Road: Photography by REZA

Photo: A man on horse back
Photograph courtesy of REZA
Photo: Portrait of a girl

Photograph courtesy of REZA

A mythical journey, a road mapped out by the earliest explorers and a bridge established between East and West: this is the modern interpretation of the meaning of the Silk Road.

Since the Paleolithic age, then in antiquity, and-up today commercial and also cultural exchanges have taken place between the two continents dedicated to knowing and rediscovering themselves as time passes.
The smells, rare materials and the perfumes travel tens of thousands of kilometers in this manner such a call was there for openness, such curiosity and such a confrontation of cultures. From Turkey to Iran, from Kashmir to eastern Turkestan, the mystique, anchored in the reality of the world, is an invitation for a journey of the senses along a road crossing countries with thousand-year traditions.

Reza, an internationally renowned photographer, has travelled the greatest part of the Silk Road. His humanist perception of its peoples and his Persian origins push him to become a bridge between East and West. His thirty years of photojournalism have taken him from Istanbul to Central Asia and from the Caspian Sea to the Pamir Mountains, as he retraces the indescribable journey taken by our explorer ancestors.

Details: 45 framed prints, labels, text panels
Size: 300 running feet minimum—flexible
Duration: 3 months minimum
Rental Fee: $10,000 (includes all shipping costs anywhere in the continental US)
$8,000 + shipping for Canada and International
Comments: speakers available

  • Photo: A Whalrus flicks its huge tusks
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