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Photo: President Obama and staffer's son
President Obama with White House staffer Carlton Philadelphia’s son

Photograph by Pete Souza

Photo: A silverback soaks in a swamp.

A silverback soaks in a swamp for hours while munching herb roots.

Photograph by Ian Nichols

From large interactive exhibitions to elegant photography shows, National Geographic offers high-quality traveling exhibitions to meet the needs of institutions both small and large. Working together with photographers, explorers, and other partners, National Geographic creates exhibits covering a wide range of topics and with appeal for multiple audiences.

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Available Exhibitions

Interactive 7,500—12,000 square foot exhibitions

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah

Interactive 4,500—7,000 square foot exhibitions

Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution

Monsterfish: In Search of the Last River Giants

National Geographic presents Earth Explorers

Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous

4,500—6,000 square foot photography exhibitions

Into Africa: Photographs by Frans Lanting (available at a smaller footprint)

500—2,000 square foot photography exhibitions

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

Ansel Adams Wilderness:Photographs by Peter Essick

Desert Air: Photographs by George Steinmetz

Greatest Photographs of the American West

The Hidden Life of Wolves

Lions & Tigers & Bears: Through the Lens with National Geographic

Ocean Soul: Photographs by Brian Skerry

The President’s Photographer: 50 Years in the Oval Office

Rare: Photographs by Joel Sartore

Simply Beautiful: Photographs From National Geographic

  • Photo: Ocelot
    Rare: Photographs by Joel Sartore

    The photographs in this exhibition depict the rarest of the rare in our country. There are fewer than 600 whooping cranes left on Earth. The Mount Graham red squirrel is down to about half of that. The California tiger salamander may be rarer still.

  • Photo: Titanic
    50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

    National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs showcases some of the most compelling imagery published in the history of the magazine.

  • Photo: Birds of Paradise Logo
    Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution

    The fascinating stories of groundbreaking research and adventure paired with amazing footage and photography are the foundation of this highly interactive exhibition. “Birds of Paradise” is a story of daring expeditions, world culture, extreme evolution, and conservation, as only National Geographic can present, with stunning imagery, compelling video, soundscapes, artifacts, and engaging educational activities for all ages.

  • Photo: Aerial desert photograph
    Desert Air: Photographs by George Steinmetz

    Desert Air is a visual adventure through the world’s extreme deserts, the most remote and inhospitable places on earth that together add up to the last great class of wilderness left on our planet. This compelling story is told through the eyes of one of National Geographic’s top expedition photographers, George Steinmetz, who has spent the last 15 years on this epic body of work.

  • Batfish
    Ocean Soul: Photographs by Brian Skerry

    Over the past 30 years Skerry has traveled the globe, connecting with the wildlife he encounters and interpreting their stories through compelling photography. Now he brings these poetic images to you with one goal: to shed much needed light on these overlooked creatures, and in turn creating appreciation for them and an awareness of the need for conservation.

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