Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants

Photo: Zeb Hogan
Photo: Carp

Stunning life-size sculptures, video installations, and evocative illustrations introduce visitors to more than 20 species–each measuring at least six feet long and 200 pounds. Visitors will embark on a global journey to storied river basins with explorer and ecologist Zeb Hogan on his quest to find, research, and protect freshwater giants. From dispelling legends of man-eating fish to examining the role of sport fishermen as environmental stewards, this interactive exhibition tackles the big challenges facing these remarkable fish and their struggle to survive and thrive.


• Five life-size sculptures: Freshwater Sawfish (20 ft), Arapaima (14 ft), Goonch (12 ft), Giant Carp (10 Ft),
Mississippi Paddlefish (7 ft)
• Interactive fish market
• World research expedition experience
• Fishing and cultural artifacts from around the world
• Tactile and digital interactives

Subject areas: Biology, ecology, field research, geography, cultural practices, economy, sustainability, and conservation

Size: 5,000–7,000 square feet

Duration: minimum of 3 months

Rental Fee: Contact us for more information

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Tour Schedule:

National Geographic Museum
Washington, DC
March 26 – October 12, 2015

The Discovery
Reno, NV
November 14, 2015 – April 26, 2016

Tennessee Aquarium
Chattanooga, TN
October 1, 2016 – March 1, 2017

  • Picture of A Whalrus flicks its huge tusks
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