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Image from Run Red Walk: A Navajo Sheepdog

Photograph courtesy the filmmaker

Turix: Dragonflies Without Borders
Mexico | 2010 | 16 minutes | Spanish and indigenous languages with English subtitles
Directed by Turix Collective
This video magazine offers diverse, authentic voices from the south of Mexico. It was created in workshops sponsored by the arts and media organization Yoochel Kaaj.

Run Red Walk: A Navajo Sheepdog (All Roads Seed Grantee)
USA | 2011 | 17 minutes | Navajo with English subtitles
Directed by Melissa Henry
A red sheepdog’s search for his lost sheep takes him across the hills and hollows of the rez. Along the way, he meets some very unexpected characters.

The Winter Boy
New Zealand | 2010 | 8 minutes
Directed by Rachel House
A mother tries to comfort her grieving son, but on each attempt her son’s silence becomes more and more deafening. An outing to the local aquarium places further strain on their troubled relationship—until her son finds a reason to let his mother in again.

When All the Leaves are Gone
Canada | 2010 | 17 minutes
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Inspired by personal experiences of writer and director Alanis Obomsawin, When All the Leaves are Gone combines autobiography, fiction and fable to create a deeply moving story about the power of dreams.

Quite an Ugly Frog
Finland | 2010 | 4 minutes
Directed by Jouni West
Take the story of an aesthetically challenged amphibian looking for love, throw in some medical waste and a unicorn, and you’ll have quite the “trip” in this black-humored animation from Finland.
Recommended for ages 13+

By the Rapids—Invasion of Turtle Island
Canada | 2011 | 22 minutes
Directed by Joseph (Dega) Lazare
In this special By The Rapids episode, a superhero group called the Mighty 5 Nations must do battle with villainous Ado Darho. But his evil band of “injusticers” proves too much for the heroes. So it’s up to Tuscarora, a frail superhero wanna-be, to save the day!
Recommended for ages 13+

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