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Dennis Dimick Executive Editor, National Geographic Magazine

Picture of young woman looking at wind turbines

Bruce Sun/National Geographic Stock

Photo: Dennis Dimick
Photograph by Mark Thiessen

It is nearly impossible to read a newspaper or magazine, listen to the radio, or watch the nightly news without encountering at least one mention of climate change. For years, melting glaciers and ice caps, cataclysmic storms, rising seas, and longer, hotter summers have fueled concerns that our planet is warming and prompted heated debate among politicians, scientists, journalists, and ordinary citizens.

Quietly, below the roar of the crowd, National Geographic has been documenting the effects of climate change and its many contributing factors, and reporting on scientists’ projections of potential future trends.

Executive Editor Dennis Dimick has overseen this coverage and reporting, working side by side with senior writers, photographers, scientists, and research teams as they gather and analyze the data. He has a unique gift for distilling this vast information into a manageable narrative and he has shared it with a wide range of public and corporate audiences worldwide.

Popular Presentation

Man-Made World: Signs and Scenes from the Anthropocene
Scientists have proposed that we now live in a new geologic epoch called “The Anthropocene,” or age of man. Dennis Dimick, National Geographic’s environment editor, presents a lively and compelling visual tour of Earth’s emerging epoch, and what it means for civilization.

For most of human existence we survived on contemporary sunshine in some form or another, then we discovered coal, and later oil, the energy genies in the earth. Now we live off the power of ancient sunshine (coal, oil, gas), which has made possible the extraordinary expansion of our food supply and our population, including the dramatic jump in just the past half century from about three billion to nearly seven billion people.

We have transformed our finite planet—the land, seas, and atmosphere—with a seemingly infinite expansion of our dominion over Earth. Trend lines show this conquest isn’t sustainable, species are losing habitat and the planet itself is getting cooked. Is it possible to create a soft landing for civilization? Can ingenuity, wisdom, and remaining supplies of fossil sunshine build a bridge to a sustainable future powered once again by contemporary sunshine?

Dimick probes these challenges and opportunities in a presentation based on stories in National Geographic magazine, which in 2011 published a year-long series, “7 Billion”, on population, its impact, and prospect.

Learn More About Dennis:

Signs From Earth Blog

National Geographic: 7 Billion Series

The Washington Post: Joel Achenbach on Dimick and the Anthropocene

NGM: Our Good Earth (September 2008)

NGM: World Oil (June 2008)

NGM: Carbon’s New Math (October 2007)

NGM: Green Dreams (October 2007)

NGM: Nuclear Power (April 2006)

NGM: The High Cost of Cheap Coal (March 2006)

Photo: Smoke Stacks

Listen to Radio Interview With Dennis Dimick

Boyd Matson Interviews Dennis for NG Weekend Radio Show

  • Picture of Indians at a Sikh festival
    Video: 7 Billion

    With the worldwide population expected to exceed seven billion in 2011, National Geographic magazine offers a 7-part series examining specific challenges and solutions to the issues we face.

  • Illustration-the world's most typical person
    Video: Seven Billion: Are You Typical?

    National Geographic magazine continues a yearlong series examining the specific challenges and solutions we face as the worldwide population reaches 7 billion people in 2011 with a March story looking at humans’ massive impact on the planet.

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National Geographic Speakers

Speaker name
Sam Abell
   Photographer Photo of Sam Abell
Lynsey Addario
   Photojournalist Photo of Lynsey Addario
Casey Anderson
   Naturalist, TV Host Photo of Casey Anderson
Peter Athans
   Mountaineer, Filmmaker Photo of Peter Athans
Robert Ballard
   Underwater Explorer Photo of Robert Ballard
Brady Barr
   Reptile Expert, TV Host Photo of Brady Barr
Melina Bellows
   Publisher, Editor Photo of Melina Bellows
Lee Berger
   Paleoanthropologist Photo of Lee Berger
Joel K. Bourne Jr.
   Contributing Writer Photo of Joel K. Bourne Jr.
Steve Boyes
   Conservation Biologist Photo of Steve Boyes
Kobie Boykins
   NASA Engineer Photo of Kobie Boykins
John Bredar
   Senior Executive Producer, National Geographic Specials Photo of John Bredar
Kenny Broad
   Cave Diver, Environmental Anthropologist Photo of Kenny Broad
Dan Buettner
   Author, Explorer Photo of Dan Buettner
Bryan Christy
   Investigative Reporter, Fellow Photo of Bryan Christy
Barry Clifford
   Underwater Explorer Photo of Barry Clifford
Jodi Cobb
   Photographer Photo of Jodi Cobb
Michael Davie
   Filmmaker Photo of Michael Davie
Wade Davis
   Cultural Anthropologist, Author Photo of Wade Davis
Dennis Dimick
   Executive Editor, National Geographic Magazine Photo of Dennis Dimick
David Doubilet
   Underwater Photographer Photo of David Doubilet
Sylvia Earle
   Marine Biologist Photo of Sylvia Earle
Andrew Evans
   Travel Journalist and TV Host Photo of Andrew Evans
John Francis
   Planetwalker, Conservationist Photo of John Francis
Annie Griffiths
   Photographer Photo of Annie Griffiths
David Guttenfelder
   Photojournalist Photo of David Guttenfelder
Charlie Hamilton James
   Photographer, Filmmaker, TV Presenter Photo of Charlie Hamilton James
Kevin Hand
   Planetary Scientist and Astrobiologist Photo of Kevin Hand
Zahi Hawass
   Archaeologist Photo of Zahi Hawass
Fred Hiebert
   Archaeologist Photo of Fred Hiebert
Peter Hillary
   Mountaineer, Author Photo of Peter Hillary
Nizar Ibrahim
   Paleontologist Photo of Nizar Ibrahim
Donald Johanson
   Paleoanthropologist Photo of Donald Johanson
Beverly & Dereck Joubert
   Photographers, Filmmakers, Naturalists Photo of Beverly & Dereck Joubert
Mattias Klum
   Photographer, Filmmaker, Conservationist Photo of Mattias Klum
Robert Kunzig
   Senior Environment Editor, National Geographic Photo of Robert Kunzig
Tim Laman
   Field Biologist, Wildlife Photojournalist Photo of Tim Laman
Frans Lanting
   Photographer, Filmmaker, Writer Photo of Frans Lanting
Mike Libecki
   Climber & Explorer Photo of Mike Libecki
Albert Yu-Min Lin
   Research Scientist and Engineer Photo of Albert Yu-Min Lin
Greg Marshall
   Biologist, Inventor, Filmmaker Photo of Greg Marshall
Boyd Matson
   Journalist, Adventurer Photo of Boyd Matson
Mireya Mayor
   Primatologist Photo of Mireya Mayor
Pete McBride
   Photographer, Filmmaker, Freshwater Advocate Photo of Pete McBride
Steve McCurry
   Photographer Photo of Steve McCurry
Mark Moffett
   Ecologist, Photographer Photo of Mark Moffett
Nalini Nadkarni
   Forest Ecologist Photo of Nalini Nadkarni
Michael "Nick" Nichols
   Photographer, Conservationist Photo of Michael "Nick" Nichols
Paul Nicklen
   Photographer, Biologist Photo of Paul Nicklen
Garrett Oliver
   Brewmaster, Author Photo of Garrett Oliver
Hilaree O'Neill
   Mountaineer Photo of Hilaree O'Neill
Børge Ousland
   Polar Explorer Photo of Børge Ousland
Matthieu Paley
   Photographer Photo of Matthieu Paley
Carsten Peter
   Photographer, Filmmaker Photo of Carsten Peter
Bob Poole
   National Geographic Cameraman Photo of Bob Poole
Sandra Postel
   Freshwater Conservationist, Freshwater Fellow Photo of Sandra Postel
Chad Pregracke
   Environmentalist Photo of Chad Pregracke
   Photojournalist and Humanitarian Photo of  Reza
Cory Richards
   Photographer, Climber, 2012 Adventurer of the Year Photo of Cory Richards
Jim Richardson
   Photographer Photo of Jim Richardson
Enric Sala
   Marine Ecologist Photo of Enric Sala
Joel Sartore
   Photographer, National Geographic Fellow Photo of Joel Sartore
William Saturno
   Archaeologist Photo of William Saturno
Paul Sereno
   Paleontologist Photo of Paul Sereno
Brian Skerry
   Underwater Photographer Photo of Brian Skerry
Bryan Smith
   Adventure Filmmaker Photo of Bryan Smith
John Stanmeyer
   Photographer Photo of John Stanmeyer
Zoltan Takacs
   Herpetologist / Toxinologist Photo of Zoltan Takacs
Anand Varma
   Natural History Photographer Photo of Anand Varma
Ed Viesturs
   Mountaineer Photo of Ed Viesturs
Ami Vitale
   Photojournalist Photo of Ami Vitale
Spencer Wells
   Population Geneticist Photo of Spencer Wells
Steve Winter
   Photographer Photo of Steve Winter

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