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Paul Sereno Paleontologist

Picture of Paul Sereno with a sabre croc fossil

Mike Hettwer/Courtesy Project Exploration

Photo: Paul Sereno
Photograph by Mark Thiessen

As a professor at the University of Chicago, Paul Sereno leads expeditions to places as diverse as the Sahara desert and the Tibetan plateau in search of fossils to help chart the evolution of dinosaurs.

Discoverer of dinosaurs on five continents and leader of dozens of expeditions, Sereno’s fieldwork began in 1988 in the foothills of the Andes in Argentina, where his team discovered the first dinosaurs to roam the Earth.

Sereno’s expeditions shifted in the 1990s to the Sahara where his teams have excavated more than 70 tons of dinosaur fossils from rocks dating from the Cretaceous period. Finds included the plant-eater Nigersaurus, the huge-clawed fish-eater Suchomimus, the huge Tyrannosaurus-size Carcharodontosaurus, and the 40-foot-long “SuperCroc” (Sarcosuchus), the world’s largest crocodile.

Since 2001, he has largely focused his efforts in China, Mongolia and Tibet. Most recently, in October 2012 he reported on a bizarre new cat-size herbivore with a parrotlike beak and sharp teeth given the name of Pegomastax africanus, or “thick jaw from Africa.”

He has earned the Chicago Tribune’s Teacher of the Year Award (1996) and the Walker Prize from the Museum of Science, Boston, for extraordinary contributions in paleontology (1997). Esquire magazine named him one of the hundred “Best People in the World,” and People included him among its “50 Most Beautiful People” in 1997.

Sereno co-founded Project Exploration in 1999, providing engaging opportunities in science to often overlooked minority and underprivileged students.

Presentation Topics

Living Indiana Jones
Blending his background as an artist with his love for science and history, Sereno’s passion carries him to the remote corners of the world to discover dozens of new species under the harshest conditions. Join Sereno as he shares the everyday life of a dinosaur hunter.

Dinosaurs on Drifting Continents
Like island castaways, dinosaurs drifted into isolation as the supercontinent Pangaea broke apart under their feet. Follow their spectacular journey with an explorer who has discovered dinosaurs on five continents.

The SuperCroc Story
Deep in the Sahara, Sereno unearthed the bones of the world’s largest croc, a 40-foot-long (12-meter-long) dinosaur-eating beast he dubbed SuperCroc. Follow Sereno as he snares the largest living crocs to understand this giant of the past.

Feathered Dinosaurs
From feathers to brooding, everything you recognize as “birdlike” has a more ancient heritage. Journey back in time with Sereno to witness a spectacular evolutionary transformation.

Paleontology as Art
Sereno began his career as an artist, which explains his uncanny ability to see buried fossils, resurrect their skeletons, and walk into their world. See his paleontology as an exciting blend of art, history, and science wrapped in adventure.

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Photo: Paul Sereno

Boyd Matson Interviews Paul Sereno

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