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Zahi Hawass Archaeologist

Photo: Pyramids

Photograph by James Stanfield

Photo: Zahi Hawass
Photograph by Kenneth Garrett

Audiences worldwide know Zahi Hawass, former Secretary General Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, as a real Indiana Jones, an archaeologist whose 30-plus year career has yielded many spectacular discoveries, including the November 2008 discovery of a 4,300-year-old buried pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt.

Hawass’ first major discovery was the Valley of the Golden Mummies, a vast Greco-Roman necropolis near the Baharia Oasis. He has also shed light on the mysteries of the pyramids of Giza through his discovery and excavation on the Cemetery of the Pyramid Builders and his exploration of the secret tunnels inside the Great Pyramid. As director of the Egyptian Mummy Project, which is using modern forensic techniques to study human remains from ancient Egypt, Hawass recently succeeded in identifying the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut. He has also conducted research into the many questions surrounding the family of King Tutankhamun, and is searching for the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. He also heads the first all-Egyptian team ever to excavate in the Valley of the Kings. One of ancient Egypt’s most charismatic spokespeople, this National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Emeritus is a highly sought-after speaker who lectures worldwide.

Popular Presentations

The Story of King Tut
Recent CT scans of the King Tut mummy revealed intriguing new details about the boy king’s life. Hawass, who oversaw the project, takes you on a guided tour.

Secrets From the Sand
This lecture focuses on discoveries from other sites in Egypt, including the Valley of the Golden Mummies, the discovery of the Temple of Min, and three tombs at Giza and Bahariya, thought to contain gold and precious artifacts, along with his latest discoveries from the Valley of the Kings.

Learn More About Zahi:

Explorer-in-Residence Profile

Zahi Hawass

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Photo: Zahi

Listen to Radio Interview With Zahi Hawass

Boyd Matson Interviews Zahi for NG Weekend Radio Show

  • Photo: King Tut
    NGM: King Tut’s Family Secrets (September 2010)

    DNA evidence reveals the truth about the boy king’s parents and new clues to his untimely death.

  • Photo: Pyramid
    Chasing Mummies

    Zahi Hawass, star of the new History Channel series Chasing Mummies, talks about the passion and drive required to make extraordinary discoveries.

    Photograph by Jennylynn Fields/National Geographic Stock

  • Photo: King Tut
    King Tut

    The exhibition includes approximately 130 objects from the tomb of King Tut and other Valley of the Kings ancestors.

National Geographic Speakers

Speaker name
Sam Abell
   Photographer Photo of Sam Abell
William Albert Allard
   Photographer, Writer Photo of William Albert Allard
Casey Anderson
   Naturalist, TV Host Photo of Casey Anderson
Peter Athans
   Mountaineer, Filmmaker Photo of Peter Athans
Robert Ballard
   Underwater Explorer Photo of Robert Ballard
Brady Barr
   Reptile Expert, TV Host Photo of Brady Barr
Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith
   Photographers, Writers Photo of Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith
Keith Bellows
   Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler Photo of Keith Bellows
Melina Bellows
   Publisher, Editor Photo of Melina Bellows
Don Belt
   Former Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, National Geographic Photo of Don Belt
Lee Berger
   Paleoanthropologist Photo of Lee Berger
Joel K. Bourne Jr.
   Contributing Writer Photo of Joel K. Bourne Jr.
Kobie Boykins
   NASA Engineer Photo of Kobie Boykins
John Bredar
   Senior Executive Producer, National Geographic Specials Photo of John Bredar
Kenny Broad
   Cave Diver, Environmental Anthropologist Photo of Kenny Broad
Dan Buettner
   Author, Explorer Photo of Dan Buettner
Andy B. Casagrande
   National Geographic Cameraman Photo of Andy B. Casagrande
Barry Clifford
   Underwater Explorer Photo of Barry Clifford
Jodi Cobb
   Photographer Photo of Jodi Cobb
Michael Davie
   Filmmaker Photo of Michael Davie
Wade Davis
   Cultural Anthropologist, Author Photo of Wade Davis
Dennis Dimick
   Executive Editor, National Geographic Magazine Photo of Dennis Dimick
David Doubilet
   Underwater Photographer Photo of David Doubilet
Sylvia Earle
   Marine Biologist Photo of Sylvia Earle
Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom
   Photographers, Filmmakers, Writers Photo of Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom
Andrew Evans
   Travel Journalist Photo of Andrew Evans
Michael Fay
   Conservationist, Biologist Photo of Michael Fay
Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher
   Photographers, Writers Photo of Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher
John Francis
   Planetwalker, Conservationist Photo of John Francis
Jerry Glover
   Agricultural Ecologist Photo of Jerry Glover
Annie Griffiths
   Photographer Photo of Annie Griffiths
Kevin Hand
   Planetary Scientist and Astrobiologist Photo of Kevin Hand
Zahi Hawass
   Archaeologist Photo of Zahi Hawass
Fred Hiebert
   Archaeologist Photo of Fred Hiebert
Peter Hillary
   Mountaineer, Author Photo of Peter Hillary
Nizar Ibrahim
   Paleontologist Photo of Nizar Ibrahim
Donald Johanson
   Paleoanthropologist Photo of Donald Johanson
Beverly & Dereck Joubert
   Photographers, Filmmakers, Naturalists Photo of Beverly & Dereck Joubert
Karen Kasmauski
   Photographer Photo of Karen Kasmauski
Mattias Klum
   Photographer, Filmmaker, Conservationist Photo of Mattias Klum
Emory Kristof
   Photographer Photo of Emory Kristof
Tim Laman
   Field Biologist, Wildlife Photojournalist Photo of Tim Laman
Chris Eckstrom and Frans Lanting
   Photographers, Filmmakers, Writers Photo of Chris Eckstrom and Frans Lanting
Albert Yu-Min Lin
   Research Scientist and Engineer Photo of Albert Yu-Min Lin
Greg Marshall
   Biologist, Inventor, Filmmaker Photo of Greg Marshall
Boyd Matson
   Journalist, Adventurer Photo of Boyd Matson
Mireya Mayor
   Primatologist Photo of Mireya Mayor
Steve McCurry
   Photographer Photo of Steve McCurry
Kim McKay
   Environmentalist, Author Photo of Kim McKay
Mark Moffett
   Ecologist, Photographer Photo of Mark Moffett
Nalini Nadkarni
   Forest Ecologist Photo of Nalini Nadkarni
Cathy Newman
   National Geographic Senior Writer, Author Photo of Cathy Newman
Michael "Nick" Nichols
   Photographer, Conservationist Photo of Michael "Nick" Nichols
Paul Nicklen
   Photographer, Biologist Photo of Paul Nicklen
Børge Ousland
   Polar Explorer Photo of Børge Ousland
Bob Poole
   National Geographic Cameraman Photo of Bob Poole
Victoria Pope
   Deputy Editor, National Geographic Magazine Photo of Victoria Pope
Chad Pregracke
   Environmentalist Photo of Chad Pregracke
   Photojournalist and Humanitarian Photo of  Reza
Jim Richardson
   Photographer Photo of Jim Richardson
Enric Sala
   Marine Ecologist Photo of Enric Sala
Joel Sartore
   Photographer, National Geographic Fellow Photo of Joel Sartore
Barton Seaver
   Chef, Conservationist Photo of Barton Seaver
Paul Sereno
   Paleontologist Photo of Paul Sereno
Brian Skerry
   Underwater Photographer Photo of Brian Skerry
Bryan Smith
   Adventure Filmmaker Photo of Bryan Smith
Will Steger
   Polar Explorer Photo of Will Steger
Maria Stenzel
   Photographer Photo of Maria Stenzel
Ed Viesturs
   Mountaineer Photo of Ed Viesturs
Spencer Wells
   Population Geneticist Photo of Spencer Wells
Rory Wilson
   Aquatic Biologist Photo of Rory Wilson
Andrew Zolli
   Futurist Photo of Andrew Zolli

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