The Hidden Life of Wolves

  • Date
    March 9, 2014
  • Time 2:00 p.m.
  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Price Single-event tickets start at $30.

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Picture of wolves playing
Two wolves from the Sawtooth Pack at play

Photograph by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

Picture of Jim and Jamie Dutcher

Photograph courtesy Jim and Jamie Dutcher

View a gallery of the Dutchers’ photos

“We thought if people could see the way these animals lived and played together, and witness their subtle acts of compassion and care, perhaps some of the fear and misunderstanding swirling around wolves would dissipate.”⎯Jim and Jamie Dutcher

After an award-winning filmmaking career, Jim Dutcher turned his energies to a life-altering focus: the wolf. Armed with a Forest Service permit, he and his wife Jamie lived in a tented camp bordering Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness. For six years, they documented the social hierarchy and behavior of the Sawtooth Pack, wolves they bottle-fed as pups. The Dutchers’ extraordinary experiences with what they discovered to be intelligent and compassionate animals led to three Emmy Award-winning documentaries.

Yet with wolves still persecuted by a mostly fearful and misinformed public, the Dutchers knew they needed to do more. In 2005, they founded Living With Wolves. A nonprofit that addresses the complex issues surrounding the historical eradication and Endangered Species reintroduction of wolves, Living With Wolves battles laws that allow the brutal hunting of these beautiful animals.

Meet the Dutchers as they weave fascinating stories and stunning images into a picture of their years with the Sawtooth Pack, as documented in the 2012 National Geographic book, The Hidden Life of Wolves. Learn more about the world the wolf faces today and workable solutions for their survival from on-the-ground biologists. Get a rare glimpse at the majestic animals who share the social characteristics of elephants and the DNA of dogs, and who play an important role in balancing ecosystems.

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