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Europe Map

Photo: Map of Europe

Photograph by Dan Beaupre

Photo: Europe map

Europe may be the world’s second smallest continent, but its role in human affairs across the globe has been enormous. The continent’s temperate climate, rich natural resources, and mountain chains have given its inhabitants favorable conditions for settlement and protection, while its navigable rivers, lengthy coastlines and proximity to Asia and Africa have provided opportunities for exploration and trade. On this Giant Traveling Map, younger students will learn country place names, capital cities, and physical features. They will also explore iconic castles, towers, and archaeological sites with the use of lavish photography. Older students will analyze population, human health and economic data from historical “snapshots,” looking at how scientific discoveries, technological breakthroughs, plagues, and wars have shaped European life over centuries. The traveling map, measuring 26’ x 26’, is supplied with accurate and compelling data and photo cards, as well as several props and other educational resources.

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  • Photo: Africa logo
    Africa Map

    The deep rainforests, endless savanna, and tremendous Sahara become a geographical field trip for your students, who will explore spectacular animals and their habitats, human settlement patterns, and iconic images on this visually stunning map of the continent.

  • Photo: Asia Map
    Asia Map

    Home to over sixty percent of the world’s population, Asia encompasses a diverse landscape, extremes in climate, and multiple human cultures reaching back to the planet’s earliest civilizations. From Siberia to Saudi Arabia and from the Caucasus to Cambodia, the many marvels of Asia await your students’ inquiring minds and eager feet!

  • Photo: North America Map
    North America Map

    Bringing geography home in a big way for your students, the North America map invites them to traverse the continent from Alaska’s Aleutian Islands to the Panama Canal and from Iceland to Baja. Along the way they will find their familiar home state or province as well as make new and exciting historical and cultural discoveries!

  • Photo: South America
    South America Map

    Imagine your students scaling the high peaks of the Andes, searching for the ancient city of Machu Picchu, and following the Amazon River from its alpine headwaters thousands of miles through the Brazilian rain forest all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. This and more can happen all in an afternoon at your school on the Giant Traveling Map of South America!

  • Map Text: Pacific Ocean Floor
    Pacific Ocean Map

    Your students will experience the vast Pacific Ocean’s many marvels: volcanoes giving birth to new islands, deep-sea vents supporting unique life forms, phytoplankton blooms providing over half of the planet’s fresh air, and the Great Barrier Reef – the largest living structure in the world.

  • Photo: Map container
    What to Expect

    Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more on how to book a map, prepare for its arrival, take proper care it, and help your school community get the most out of its Giant Traveling Map experience.

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Special Events for Today, February 13, 2016


Jerusalem 3D, Washington, D.C.
September 26, 2015 – March 31, 2016

Gorongosa Reborn, Portland, OR
February 16, 2016

Gorongosa Reborn – Student Matinee, Los Angeles, CA
February 18, 2016

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