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It is nearly impossible to read a newspaper or magazine, listen to the radio, or watch the nightly news without encountering at least one mention of climate change. For years, melting glaciers and ice caps, cataclysmic storms, rising seas, and longer, hotter summers have fueled concerns that our planet is warming and prompted heated debate among politicians, scientists, journalists, and ordinary citizens.


Quietly, below the roar of the crowd, National Geographic has been documenting the effects of climate change and its many contributing factors, and reporting on scientists’ projections of potential future trends.


Former Executive Editor Dennis Dimick has overseen this coverage and reporting, working side by side with senior writers, photographers, scientists, and research teams as they gather and analyze the data. He has a unique gift for distilling this vast information into a manageable narrative and he has shared it with a wide range of public and corporate audiences worldwide.

Highlights & Accomplishments
National Geographic picture and environment editor for more than 35 years.
Co-founder of Eyes on Earth, inspiring a new generation of environmental photographers
Recipient of the Charles M. Sprague award for service to photojournalism in 2013
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