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Archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow Fredrik Hiebert has searched for human history in some of the world’s most remote and romantic places. An expert on the ancient Silk Road, he has excavated sites along this millennia­old link between Europe and East Asia. Following this most famous of trade routes led him to Afghanistan, where in 2004 he identified the Bactrian gold, a trove of Silk Road­era artifacts lost during Afghanistan’s decades of cultural upheaval. He has played a key role in recovering that country’s endangered cultural heritage, most recently by curating a traveling exhibition called “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures From the National Museum, Kabul.”


Hiebert is also a pioneer of underwater archaeology, having searched for evidence of ancient settlements in the Black Sea, with underwater explorer Robert Ballard, and in South America’s Lake Titicaca. He extends his infectious enthusiasm for archaeology to the public through speaking engagements, film, and other media.

Highlights & Accomplishments
National Geographic Archaeology Fellow
Hiebert's excavations at a 4,000-year-old Silk Road city in Turkmenistan made headlines around the world.
In 2016 part of the restoration project to uncover the stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.
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