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Tim Laman

Photographer and Biologist

Tim Laman has earned a reputation for capturing images of nearly impossible subjects—from animals that glide through rain forest canopies to some of the most rare and extraordinary birds in the world. His pioneering research in Borneo led to a Ph.D. from Harvard and his first National Geographic article in 1997. Since then, he has pursued his passion for exploring wild places and documenting little­-known and endangered wildlife by becoming a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine, where his 20th feature story will soon be published. A recipient of numerous prestigious awards for photography, Laman’s published work also conveys a strong conservation message, and he is proud to be a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Laman has also published more than a dozen scientific articles related to rain forest ecology and birdlife, and is a research associate in the ornithology department at Harvard University.


Laman spent years photographing some of the most unique and majestic species on Earth, birds of paradise, found deep in the New Guinea wilderness. He chronicles this journey in Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds published in Fall of 2012, and exposes their colorful plumage, secret lives, bizarre displays, and dazzling courtship antics.


Most recently, Laman has been working side by side with his wife and biological anthropologist Cheryl Knott, documenting wild orangutans and the new threats to their rain forest homes. In the 2016 Nat Geo WILD show, “Mission Critical: Orangutans on the Edge,” Laman treks to remote locations and scales massive trees to capture the secret lives of our endangered cousins, which are in decline due to deforestation and poaching.

Highlights & Accomplishments
2016 Grand Prize winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year
First person to photograph all 39 birds of paradise species in the wild, leading to a feature article, book, and museum exhibit.
His photography has been featured in 18+ National Geographic stories.
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