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  • Bertie Gregory, Photographer and Filmmaker

From camping with wolves on Vancouver’s western beaches, to pursuing peregrine falcons in urban London, or filming leopards in the streets of Mumbai, Bertie Gregory knows that to do his best work he must co-exist peacefully—with respect and humor—alongside the magnificent creatures of the natural world. Through Bertie’s lens, students will learn to value wildlife around the world.

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About the speaker
Bertie Gregory, Photographer and Filmmaker

One day after graduating with Honors and a degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol, Gregory was on a plane to Mumbai to assist wildlife photographer Steve Winter in his quest to document urban leopards.  He hasn't stopped since!

Speaker Highlights
As Host of wild_life with bertie gregory, Gregory flies low and slow over the Vancouver Island temperate rainforests and coast in search of its most exciting predator, the coastal wolf.
In 2015, Gregory was named Scientific Exploration Society's Zenith Explorer.
In 2012, he was named Youth Outdoor Photographer of the Year.
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