Nizar Ibrahim - Spinosaurus
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Student Matinee | Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous

  • Nizar Ibrahim, Paleontologist

Visit present-day Morocco and travel back through time with paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim to hear how he discovered a prehistoric monster bigger than T. Rex. The largest known predatory dinosaur, Spinosaurus had spike-shaped teeth, a body more than 50 feet long, and unique adaptations to help it survive. Explore the dangerous Cretaceous Era habitat that Spinosaurus called home. Students will be captivated by the amazing story of how this dinosaur was found, lost, and found again.

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About the speaker
Nizar Ibrahim, Paleontologist

Ibrahim scours the deserts of North Africa for clues to life in the Cretaceous period, when the area was a large river system teeming with predators and prey.

Speaker Highlights
2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer
First paleontologist to become a TED Fellow
Named by Crain's Chicago 2015 40 People Under 40


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