Steve Winter - On the Trail of Big Cats
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Student Matinee | On the Trail of Big Cats

  • Steve Winter, Photographer

Journey around the world in search of big cats with award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter. Follow his trail from the Asian jungles where resilient tiger populations persist, to the Himalaya, home of the rare snow leopard. Visit the rainforests of Latin America to view the elusive jaguar⎯and Hollywood in pursuit of the American cougar. Students will leave inspired by the beauty of big cats and empowered to help save them.  

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About the speaker
Steve Winter, Photographer

One of the first wildlife photographers to widely employ camera trap technology to capture images of the most elusive animals, Winter is celebrated worldwide for jaw-dropping images of big cats.

Speaker Highlights
Photojournalist with over 30 articles published in National Geographic
Multiple award winner for photography, including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Co-author of Tigers Forever with environmental journalist Sharon Guynup
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