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Student Matinee | Wild Seas, Secret Shores

  • Thomas Peschak, Photographer

Thomas Peschak believes sharks aren’t a reason to get out of the water; they’re a reason to get in! He’s found himself paddling kayaks alongside great white sharks in South Africa, swimming among hundreds of manta rays in the Maldives, and keeping pace with massive whale sharks in the Arabian Sea. A marine biologist turned National Geographic photographer, Peschak will take students around the world with his award-winning images and his engaging take on the ocean’s charismatic creatures.

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About the speaker
Thomas Peschak, Photographer

Peschak traded in his marine biologist hat in 2004 to raise awareness about conservation in the best way he knew how--with his camera.

Speaker Highlights
Director of Conservation Save our Seas Foundation
Writer and photographer of 7 Books
Multiple winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards
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