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Exploring Genius

  • Paolo Woods, Photographer

It’s hard enough to identify genius. How on earth do you photograph it?

To photographer Paolo Woods, the best place to start was his hometown of Florence, where Michelangelo and da Vinci created their masterpieces, and where Galileo reshaped our understanding of the cosmos. In Mexico City, he sat with a modern savant who could draw the entire cityscape in exact detail after just a glance, and in Japan, he saw modern scientists bringing last century’s genius to life as they proved a theory Einstein made more than 50 years ago. He even explored the possibility that future genius could come from an unlikely source: artificial intelligence.

Paolo Woods
About the speaker
Paolo Woods, Photographer

Paolo Woods ran a photography gallery and a laboratory before dedicating himself to documentary photography. He is devoted to long-term projects that blend photography with investigative journalism.

Speaker Highlights
Paolo Woods' pictures are in private and public collections including the Musee de l’Elysée, the French National Library, the FNAC, the Sheik Saud Al-Thani collection, the Servais collection.
He has received various prizes including two World Press Photos.
Paolo Woods was born of Canadian and Dutch parentage. He grew up in Italy, lived in Paris and Haiti and now is based in Florence.


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