Zeb Hogan - In Search Of River Giants

In Search Of River Giants

  • Zeb Hogan, Freshwater Ecologist
Venue: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City, MO, United States
Date + Time:
  • June 6, 2017
    7:30 pm
Date + Time:
Ticket Price: Single tickets start at $12

Go on a fishing trip like none you’ve ever experienced with aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan, National Geographic explorer and star of the Nat Geo WILD series Monster Fish. He’ll share behind-the-scenes adventures and real “fish stories” from scientists and the locals who live along the banks.

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About the speaker
Zeb Hogan, Freshwater Ecologist

Freshwater Ecologist and host of Nat Geo WILD’s Monster Fish, Zeb Hogan, is on a mission is to protect the world’s largest freshwater fish.

Speaker Highlights
Megafish are defined as being at least 6-feet long and weighing 200 lbs. or more • Hogan's quest to document and save the world's largest freshwater fish has taken him around the world, from Mongolia, to Australia, to Thailand.
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