Creative Tensions: Otherness

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What does it mean to be "other”? Otherness can subjugate people or inspire them, exclude or include, hurt or help. If otherness is hardwired into humanity, how might we draw on it to build the kind of society we want? And if it's not, what would a world without otherness look like? And would we want to live in it?

Creative Tensions is a conversation that moves. You reveal where you stand on an issue by where you stand in the room. Developed by global design firm IDEO and the Sundance Institute Theatre Program, Creative Tensions fosters openness and connection through a new kind of dialogue. In Otherness, we'll explore how the groups we form shape the world we share.

This conversation, moderated by IDEO Design Director Alex Gallafent, will feature award-winning photographer Daniella Zalcman, Slate magazine’s Jamelle Bouie, and Nancy podcast co-host Kathy Tu.



DANIELLA ZALCMAN is a documentary photographer based in London and New York. She is a multiple grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, a fellow with the International Women’s Media Foundation, and the founder of Women Photograph, an initiative working to elevate the voices of female and nonbinary visual journalists. Her work tends to focus on the legacies of Western colonization, from the rise of homophobia in East Africa to the forced assimilation education of indigenous children in North America. Part of the Open Society Foundation’s “Moving Walls 24” exhibition, Daniella’s ongoing project, Signs of Your Identity, is the recipient of the 2017 Arnold Newman Prize, a 2017 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, the 2016 FotoEvidence Book Award, and the 2016 Magnum Foundation Inge Morath Award.

ALEX GALLAFENT is a designer, audio journalist, and writer; he is currently a Design Director at IDEO. He leads, guides, and contributes to projects in IDEO’s New York studio, and represents IDEO in speaking and teaching engagements, especially at the intersection of design thinking, journalism, and theater. He is a contributing correspondent for PRI’s "The World" (US public radio) and the BBC World Service. He was previously a staff producer/reporter with the BBC in London and a Fellow at the International Reporting Project in Washington, DC (SAIS/Johns Hopkins).

KATHY TU is the co-host and co-managing editor of Nancy, the critically acclaimed podcast from WNYC Studios featuring queer stories and conversations about how we define ourselves and the journey it takes to get there. Kathy is based in Los Angeles, but is frequently in New York. Prior to Nancy, she worked on shows such as Radiolab, The Memory Palace, The Mortified Podcast, Masterpiece Studio, and others. Kathy has a healthy obsession with backpacks, web design, and running (even though she hates it).

JAMELLE BOUIE is chief political correspondent for Slate magazine and a political analyst for CBS News. He covers campaigns, elections, and national affairs. Before Slate, Jamelle was a staff writer at the Daily Beast, a writing fellow at The American Prospect magazine, and a fellow with the Nation Institute. He hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and attended the University of Virginia, where he graduated with degrees in government and religious studies.


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