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Day to Night

  • Stephen Wilkes, Photographer

Photographer Stephen Wilkes built his career capturing iconic images meant to inspire and create change. His five-year photographic study of Ellis Island’s long-abandoned medical wards helped secure $6 million toward the restoration of the south side of the island. And his work documenting the ravages of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy has brought heightened awareness to the realities of global climate change.


In 2009, Wilkes began his most defining project: Day to Night. To create these epic cityscapes and landscapes, he photographs the changing of time from a fixed camera position over the course of a full day. But the shoot—which can last up to 30 hours—is only the first step of the process. Afterwards, Wilkes spends months seamlessly blending 1,500 photographs into a single, stunning image. Go behind the scenes with this visionary photographer and be inspired by the fleeting moments of humanity he captures as light passes in front of his lens.


Stephen Wilkes
About the speaker
Stephen Wilkes, Photographer

Stephen Wilkes is an award-winning photographer whose most defining project, Day to Night, began in 2009.

Speaker Highlights
Elected to the College of Fellows of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Solo exhibition (Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes) at the National Geographic Museum in 2018
Selected to National Geographic's "Best Photos of 2018"
Taschen book on Day to Night to be published in 2019
Gave 2016 TED talk—one of its highest rated—on the process behind Day to Night
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