Wild Florida

Hidden Wild: Secrets of the Everglades

  • Carlton Ward Jr., Conservation Photographer

Author, photographer, conservationist, and National Geographic explorer Carlton Ward Jr. travels the world to find and document conservation stories that have not yet been told. He has lived deep in the Amazon, documented new species in the rainforests of the Gabon, and photographed endangered desert elephants in Mali. Then he discovered the biggest untold story of his career hiding in his own back yard. 


An eighth-generation Floridian, he is now using his camera to tell the story of a little-known world surviving in the shadows of the beaches and amusement parks that dominate Florida’s identity. He has trekked more than 2,000 miles on two National Geographic-supported expeditions, fighting to protect an endangered wildlife corridor needed to keep the Everglades connected to the rest of America. Join him to follow the footsteps of bears, panthers, and cowboys while discovering the wonders of a hidden world on the brink of being lost. 

Carlton Ward Jr.
About the speaker
Carlton Ward Jr., Conservation Photographer

An eighth-generation Floridian, National Geographic explorer Carlton Ward Jr. uses photography to inspire conservation of his home state.

Speaker Highlights
Founded the Florida Wildlife Corridor campaign in 2010
Trekked more than 2,000 miles through the corridor on National Geographic-supported expeditions
Has authored four books
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