Charlie Hamilton James- I Bought a Rainforest

I Bought a Rainforest

  • Charlie Hamilton James, Photographer and Filmmaker

“I am constantly staggered and inspired by nature both in its design and its beauty; it’s led to a life long obsession to understand, document and save it.”—Charlie Hamilton James

A childhood obsession with kingfishers and otters marked the beginning of Charlie Hamilton James’s lifelong appreciation for the brilliance of nature. As a wildlife documentarian, passionate conservationist and award-winning photojournalist, Hamilton James has spent the last 20 years working to protect the rainforest habitat of Peru’s Manu National Park. In an effort to truly understand the real Amazon, he has traveled from the east coast of Brazil to the dense rainforest of Peru, lived with and hunted with the indigenous people, and purchased 100 acres of rainforest (only to learn afterward that it happened to include an illegal coca plantation).  

Join this critically acclaimed photojournalist as he recounts his unlikely journey in the Peruvian rainforest.

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About the speaker
Charlie Hamilton James, Photographer and Filmmaker

Making a name for himself as a freshwater aquatic wildlife photographer, James has morphed into natural history filmmaking and he's telling the story of how mankind interacts with nature in a rapidly changing landscape.

Speaker Highlights
Royal Television Society medal winner for cinematography.
Winner of Wildlife Photographer and Cameraman of the Year
5 of his images selected in National Geographic's 52 best photographs of 2016, curated from over 2 million images.
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