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Photography Without Borders

  • Annie Griffiths, Photographer
Venue: Portland’5 Newmark Theatre, Portland (OR), OR, United States
Date + Time:
  • October 7, 2019
    7:30 pm
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In the English countryside, celebrated photographer Annie Griffiths produced a witty story on the Calder Valley Mouse Club showing the art of staging a beauty pageant for rodents. In Namibia, she spent time with a tribe surviving in the Kalahari Desert despite seven years of drought. But after a career covering all of the weird and wonderful facets of humanity in more than 100 countries, she has turned her creative energies toward supporting programs that empower women and children in developing world.

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About the speaker
Annie Griffiths, Photographer

Celebrated for emphasizing the things that unite rather than divide us, Griffiths has traveled to more than 100 countries, telling the stories of us.

Speaker Highlights
Griffiths is the Founder and Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images, a non-profit which harnesses the power of visual storytelling to help scale solutions for women and girls globally.
As a working mother, Griffiths took her two children along for assignments on three continents, allowing the world to become their classroom.
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