Black panther in a tree

Pursuit of the Black Panther

  • Shannon Wild, Photographer & Cinematographer

Wildlife photographer and cinematographer Shannon Wild is a passionate conservationist who lives in Africa but works wherever the wildlife calls. In her 15 years documenting wildlife, she’s been mauled by a cheetah, charged by an elephant, lions, and buffalo, and bitten countless times by snakes and lizards.

But her most recent assignment might prove her most difficult yet: producing a documentary about a rare black panther – the only one living in 250 square miles of dense forest in southern India. Get an inside look at the challenges and dangers of tackling an assignment in an unforgiving environment, from the narrow dirt roads to extreme weather to unexpected injuries – and worse. 

Shannon Wild
About the speaker
Shannon Wild, Photographer & Cinematographer

Shannon Wild is an Australian wildlife photographer and cinematographer based in South Africa.

Speaker Highlights
Founder of Wild In Africa jewelry, which helps raise money for conservation
Author of three books
Ambassador for various conservation organizations
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